Working with Communities - Implementing Geological Disposal

Closed 19 Apr 2018

Opened 25 Jan 2018


Government policy is to permanently dispose of our higher activity radioactive waste through geological disposal.

Geological disposal involves placing radioactive waste in an engineered facility deep underground, keeping it away from people and the environment. It is acknowledged across the world as the best available option for dealing with radioactive waste on a long-term basis. It is a responsible public service to our future society.

This consultation is seeking views on how communities should be engaged and represented in a siting process for a geological disposal facility for higher activity radioactive waste.

The proposals build on commitments set out in the 2014 White Paper ‘Implementing Geological Disposal’, in which the UK Government and Northern Ireland Executive jointly set out an approach based on working with communities in England and Northern Ireland that are willing to participate in the siting process for a geological disposal facility. They relate to how communities should be engaged, how early community investment could be provided to communities that participate in the siting process, how a right of withdrawal could operate throughout the siting process and how a test of public support could be carried out before construction and operation of a geological disposal facility.

This consultation extends to England and Northern Ireland only. The Welsh Government is consulting in parallel on its policy for arrangements for engaging with communities in Wales in relation to the development of a geological disposal facility. It will be a distinct process reflecting the unique characteristics of a siting process in Wales, including the different planning and local government systems and the Welsh language. A link to the Welsh Government's consultation can be found at the bottom of this page.

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This video provides an induction for the National Policy Statement and Working with Communities consultations:



Why your views matter

The 2014 White Paper ‘Implementing Geological Disposal’ committed to developing a process for working with communities in an open and transparent way through evidence gathering and consultation. We are continuing this approach to policy-making by seeking views through this consultation from the general public and stakeholders on the policy proposals.

How To Respond

You can respond using the online survey (see below).
If you would prefer to not to respond online, you can respond by post to:

GDF Team
3rd Floor, Victoria
1 Victoria Street

When responding, please state whether you are responding as an individual or representing the views of an organisation.

When considering responses to this consultation, the Government will give greater weight to responses that are based on argument and evidence, rather than simple expressions of support or opposition.

What Happens Next

The Government will consider comments received and publish a summary of the consultation responses and its final policy decision. The delivery body will produce more detailed guidance as to how the siting process will work in practice.


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