Towards a market for low emissions products: call for evidence

Closed 28 Feb 2022

Opened 6 Dec 2021


Following the commitments made in the Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy, this call for evidence asks for information and views on the design and implementation of policies that can support the growth of a market for low emissions industrial products.

The questions cover how low emissions products can be defined, the sectoral and product scope of the policies, the reporting of emissions necessary to facilitate these policies, and how these policies can best be implemented. 

Our aim is to gather evidence from a broad range of UK and international manufacturers, buyers of industrial products and other experts, to enable development of successful proposals for these demand-side policies that work for the whole of the UK. 

Read the full consultation document on GOV.UK


  • SMEs (small and medium businesses)
  • Large businesses (over 250 staff)
  • Multinational businesses
  • Trade bodies
  • Medium business (50 to 250 staff)
  • Micro business (up to 9 staff)
  • Small business (10 to 49 staff)
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer organisations
  • Consumers
  • Universities
  • Scientists
  • Universities
  • Science Policy organisations and thinktanks
  • Researchers
  • Thinktanks
  • Freelance researchers
  • Consumers
  • General public
  • Charities
  • Local government


  • Economic growth
  • Energy and climate change
  • Emissions
  • Climate change