Consultation on the Environmental Report for further onshore oil and gas licensing

Closed 28 Mar 2014

Opened 17 Dec 2013


This consultation was carried out by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. In July 2016, the department merged with the Department for Business and Innovation and Skills to form the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

This is a consultation on an Environmental Report on DECC's proposals for further onshore oil and gas licensing in areas of Great Britain. 

The Report identifies, describes and evaluates the likely significant effects on the environment of DECC’s proposals to invite applications for, and issue new licences, and of reasonable alternatives to that plan; and how these effects can be reduced or offset.  

This Report is a necessary part of a process of strategic environmental assessment (SEA). 

Why your views matter

DECC will take consultation responses into account and will then issue a “Post-Adoption Statement” which will summarise how the Government intends to proceed in relation to further onshore licensing.

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