Consultation on a change to the rules on the treatment of extensions to installations under the GB Feed-in Tariffs scheme

Closed 31 Aug 2011

Opened 27 Jul 2011

Results updated 27 Sep 2011

This consultation is now closed. The Government would like to thank respondents for their contributions to the consultation. 

Having carefully considered the responses received, the Goverment has decided to amend the rules on extensions. Full details of the Government’s decision and analysis are set out in the Government response and summary of responses document below. 



This consultation was carried out by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. In July 2016, the department merged with the Department for Business and Innovation and Skills to form the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Following the outcome of the fast track review on FITs which was published on 9 June 2011, we have become increasingly aware that some large scale PV developers are intending to exploit a technical loophole in the FITs legislation on extensions to benefit from pre-fast track tariffs post 1 August 2011. This consultation seeks views on the proposed treatment for extensions to ensure that the fast track review is implemented as intended.

Deadline for responses to this consultation is 31 August 2011.

Subject to the responses received, and Parliamentary process as set out in the Energy Act 2008, we are aiming to make changes to Article 15 of the FITs Order as soon as possible.


  • Low carbon technologies


  • Renewable energy