Integrating Greenhouse Gas Removals in the UK Emissions Trading Scheme

Closes 15 Aug 2024

Opened 23 May 2024


The UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ETS) Authority (UK Government, Scottish Government, Welsh Government and the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs for Northern Ireland, hereinafter ‘the Authority’) is seeking input on the integration of greenhouse gas removals (GGRs) in the UK ETS.

This follows a commitment made in July 2023 to consult on proposals regarding the integration of engineered Greenhouse Gas Removals (GGRs) into the UK ETS and consideration of high quality nature-based GGRs, subject to further work to consider the range of potential issues raised regarding permanence, costs and wider land management impacts.

The consultation proposes options and/or seeks views on:

  • Principles for policy design when integrating GGRs into the UK ETS
  • Cap policy options
  • Allowance design for GGRs
  • Permanence of carbon storage
  • Pathways to integration

Read the consultation document and analytical annex on GOV.UK.

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