Clean heat market mechanism

Closed 8 Jun 2023

Opened 30 Mar 2023


This mechanism will create a market incentive to grow the numbers of heat pumps installed in existing premises each year, providing industry with a clear, long-term policy framework for investment and innovation.

In this consultation, we are seeking views on a range of design features of the proposed mechanism, including:

  • the choice of target levels for the early years of the scheme
  • proposals for trading within the mechanism
  • proposals for the collection, handling and use of the data required for the scheme
  • proposals for scheme administration, compliance and enforcement

Read the consultation document on GOV.UK.

Please note: Question numbers in this online form do not align with those in the consultation document, due to the first five 'About you' questions. The consultation question numbers, such as '6. Consultation Question 1', are therefore also provided for ease of reference. 


  • Low carbon technologies


  • Energy efficiency