Improving Boiler Standards and Efficiency

Closed 21 Mar 2023

Opened 13 Dec 2022


This consultation seeks views on a range of topics, including: 

  • proposals to improve boiler and heating system efficiency through improvements to minimum standards

  • proposals to mandate that from 2026 all newly-installed gas boilers are “hydrogen-ready”

  • the potential role of gas boiler-electric heat pump hybrids in heat decarbonisation in the 2020s and 2030s

These proposals aim to reduce domestic gas consumption, thereby lowering consumer bills and carbon emissions, improving our energy security, and preparing for the transition to low-carbon heating. 

We would like views from consumers, installers, manufacturers and wider industry. 

Read the consultation document on GOV.UK.


  • SMEs (small and medium businesses)
  • Large businesses (over 250 staff)
  • Trade bodies
  • Medium business (50 to 250 staff)
  • Micro business (up to 9 staff)
  • Small business (10 to 49 staff)
  • Oil and Gas
  • Low carbon technologies
  • Manufacturing
  • Installer
  • Consumers


  • Oil and Gas
  • Saving energy
  • Energy and climate change