Non-domestic private rented sector minimum energy efficiency standards

Closed 7 Jan 2020

Opened 15 Oct 2019


The government has committed to support businesses to reduce their energy use by at least 20% by 2030.

This consultation seeks views on how best to improve the energy performance of non-domestic private rented buildings through tighter minimum energy standards.

Acting now to set a clear long-term trajectory to 2030 is designed to provide time and certainty to non-domestic landlords, businesses and the energy efficiency market in delivering the energy savings to support a zero-carbon future.


  • SMEs (small and medium businesses)
  • Large businesses (over 250 staff)
  • Multinational businesses
  • Medium business (50 to 250 staff)
  • Micro business (up to 9 staff)
  • Small business (10 to 49 staff)
  • Charities
  • Local government
  • Charity or social enterprise
  • The Devolved Administrations


  • Starting a business
  • Business investment
  • Carbon budgets
  • Emissions