Default tariffs: A call for evidence

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Closes 22 Apr 2024

Call for Evidence on Default Tariffs

The purpose of this call for evidence is to explore how the type and price of default tariffs may evolve and test out some principles that could help us build the fairest credible ways forward for different groups of consumers.

Ofgem are also working with the energy sector to explore the different approaches that could be used to protect default tariffs in future. The Government and Ofgem have worked together on this call for evidence and their discussion paper, respectively, and expect to continue doing so when considering the responses.

This call for evidence will focus exclusively on default arrangements. We are interested in exploring the general starting and return arrangements, when consumers have not actively chosen an energy deal. Other consultations and calls for evidence will explore wider retail market issues, such as rules around the tariffs and technologies that customers have actively chosen, the retail implications if locational price signals were strengthened in the wholesale market, and whether remedies are needed to support households who purchase energy through non-domestic contracts.