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  • Fusion Energy: National Policy Statement Scoping

    The purpose of this consultation is to begin the process towards designating a new Fusion Energy National Policy Statement, applicable to all commercial fusion facilities. This consultation focuses on the overall policy approach before a further formal consultation on the new draft Fusion Energy National Policy Statement. Read the consultation documents on GOV.UK . More
    Closes 3 July 2024
  • Core fuel sector resilience: provision of information at specified intervals

    The core fuel sector resilience measures in Part 12 of the Energy Act 2023 aim to ensure that government can identify fuel supply risks and support industry to maintain and improve fuel supply resilience. Section 276 of the Energy Act 2023 allows the Secretary of State to make regulations to require certain core fuel sector participants to provide information regarding their activities and assets at specified intervals to strengthen sector resilience. The information obtained from... More
    Closes 8 July 2024
  • Core fuel sector resilience measures: proposed guidance on criminal and civil sanctions

    The core fuel sector resilience measures in Part 12 of the Energy Act 2023 aim to ensure that government can: identify fuel supply risks support industry to maintain fuel supply resilience This proposed guidance is designed to improve compliance with the measures. It sets out: the statutory obligations the enforcement regime which core fuel sector participants may be subject to should an offence be committed the circumstances in which the Secretary of... More
    Closes 8 July 2024
  • CCUS: non-pipeline transport and cross-border CO2 networks - call for evidence

    This call for evidence aims to gather information to improve government’s understanding of both non-pipeline transport (NPT) value chains and cross-border CO2 transport and storage networks, the costs associated with them, and the potential barriers to deployment. The call for evidence will look to gather views and evidence in 3 key areas: NPT value chain data CCUS policy landscape Wider deployment considerations More
    Closes 16 July 2024
  • Expanding the ETS to the energy from waste and waste incineration

    We have extended the consultation deadline by 2 weeks to allow for further engagement with stakeholders after the election. It will now close on 2 August 2024. The UK ETS Authority is seeking input on proposals for expanding the UK ETS to the waste sector. We have previously announced our intention to expand the scope of the UK ETS to waste incineration facilities. This consultation seeks views on our proposals to inform implementation details. In particular, it... More
    Closes 2 August 2024
  • Integrating Greenhouse Gas Removals in the UK Emissions Trading Scheme

    The UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ETS) Authority (UK Government, Scottish Government, Welsh Government and the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs for Northern Ireland, hereinafter ‘the Authority’) is seeking input on the integration of greenhouse gas removals (GGRs) in the UK ETS. This follows a commitment made in July 2023 to consult on proposals regarding the integration of engineered Greenhouse Gas Removals (GGRs) into the UK ETS and consideration... More
    Closes 15 August 2024
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