Second Hydrogen Allocation Round (HAR2): Expression of Interest

Closed 5 Feb 2024

Opened 14 Dec 2023


To be able to make an application to the Second Hydrogen Allocation Round (HAR2), the Project Representative must submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) to DESNZ on behalf of their Project by 23:59 on 5th February 2024. Submitting an EoI by this date will allow projects access to the Online Application Form and the final engagement session. 

Submission of this Expression of Interest form is a necessary condition to participate in the process.  

Projects should use this form in order to identify themselves to DESNZ, confirm they meet all of the eligibility requirements as well as provide some basic information relating to their project, and select a Project Representative who will be provided access to the Online Application Form. Further information on the role of the Project Representative can be found in Section 2.2 of the Application Guidance. EoI answers are considered as indicative only and not as firm responses.

Please note that all information in this form should relate to the Project only. The Project Lead must be the business/entity which is leading the project development and will manage the application process.

Although under no obligation to do so, DESNZ reserves the right to process EoIs received after the above deadline at its absolute discretion.

If you have any difficulties or queries in relation to this form, or the Second Hydrogen Allocation Round process more widely, you can contact us via email at:

Confidentiality and data protection
Information you provide in this Expression of Interest form may be disclosed in accordance with UK legislation.

We will process your personal data in accordance with all applicable data protection laws. See our privacy notice.

The information provided in this EOI form will not be made publicly available. Any information provided will be treated in confidence by DESNZ and its advisors but may be submitted for checking against records held by other public bodies, for the purposes of assessing eligibility or for the purposes of the prevention or detection of fraud. Please note, as set out in the HAR2 application guidance we may share information provided in the EOI form with other parts of government for the purposes of policy development and facilitating coordination in certain areas if relevant.

Please see Section 3 for further detail on the UK Infrastructure Bank (UKIB) and data-sharing.

What happens next

The deadline to submit an expression of interest for the Second Hydrogen Allocation Round (HAR2) was 23:59 on 5 February 2024. Projects that did not submit an expression of interest by this deadline and wish to apply to HAR2, should contact immediately. 


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